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Palette of Sounds

Piano Mastery (+ BONUS)

Piano Mastery (+ BONUS)

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Exclusive conversations with Master Pianists & Teachers


Dive into the rich world of piano mastery with our ebook, aptly titled 'Piano Mastery.' Featuring exclusive conversations with around 30 legendary pianists and teachers such as Paderewski, Hans von Bülow and Busoni, this book offers a rare glimpse into the minds of the greatest virtuosos of all time.

Explore captivating topics including 'Mind in Piano Study,' 'An Audience: The Best Teacher,' and 'An Artist at Home,' as master pianists share their profound insights, personal anecdotes, and invaluable lessons learned from a lifetime dedicated to the piano.

Discover the secrets of technique, interpretation, and performance passed down from generation to generation, as these luminaries delve into the art and science of piano playing. From the intricacies of practice routines to the joys and challenges of performing on stage, 'Piano Mastery' provides a comprehensive roadmap for pianists of all levels seeking to elevate their craft.

Whether you're an aspiring pianist, a dedicated teacher, or a lifelong enthusiast, this ebook is a treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration

With this ebook you get a sheetmusic BONUS - 4 little piano pieces for FREE! 
Whether you are a classical pianist or a piano teacher, this BONUS is an added value to your repertoire.

After purchase you will be sent a secure link to download the ebooks. 

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