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Palette of Sounds

Guitar Chords & Scales

Guitar Chords & Scales

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Master your Fretboard


'Guitar Chords & Scales' is your essential roadmap to fretboard mastery. With nearly 50 pages of clear explanations and illustrations featuring chord diagrams, strumming patterns, and common guitar scales, this ebook is designed to empower players of all levels.

Whether you're starting with the basics or diving into advanced techniques, "Guitar Chords & Scales" provides the practical insights you need to elevate your playing and unlock your full potential as a guitarist.


Table of Contents
- Explanation of Chords diagrams
- Major Chords
- Minor Chords
- Seventh Chords
- Common guitar scales
- Explanation of Strumming patterns
- Basic Strumming patterns
- Mixed Strumming patterns

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