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How to play Music by Ear - E. Wilson

How to play Music by Ear - E. Wilson

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Rediscover the Joy of Making Music


M. Emett Wilson - Professor of instrumental music at Ohio State University 

In this interesting, uplifting eBook, Wilson takes you on a journey beyond the constraints of traditional notation, emphasizing the pure pleasure of playing by ear. Drawing from his own experiences as a passionate musician, Wilson celebrates the importance of embracing spontaneity and creativity in your musical practice.

"Why is it so difficult to keep young people interested in studying the piano? The answer is to make it an enjoyable musical adventure and not limit it to dull routine practice. Playing by ear is an approach which is proving successful for those teachers who dare to try it."

Join Wilson on this musical adventure as you learn to trust your instincts, improvise with confidence, and infuse your playing with boundless enthusiasm. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned musician, 'How to Play Music by Ear' will reignite your passion for music-making and remind you that the most beautiful melodies are the ones that come straight from the heart.

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